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The International Professional Zipline Association would like to welcome you to our website. This site is made available to all zipline professionals in order to develop and set regulations for the Zipline/Canopy tours industry.

IPZA's main purpose is to promote safety and hold the Zipline/Canopy tours industry to a higher standard.  IPZA has set standards that exceed all other Associations wishing to regulate this industry.

Through the collaboration of zipline/canopy tours professionals across the world, IPZA develops, and sets the standards for installing, maintaining, operating and inspecting Zipline/Canopy tours.
IPZA develops and sets the standards in which the staff of all Zipline/Canopy tours are to be trained and certified.

The International Professional Zipline Association has developed and encourages a standard of practice that demands Zipline/Canopy tours industry across the globe to uphold and maintain.

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